How to install Cisco VPN on Linux

Open VPN Client starts automatically after installation and you can see the Open VPN installation instructions step by step.


Steps to install Cisco VPN on Linux

Step 1: Download the Anyconnect VPN for Linux.

Step 2: Copy Anyconnect VPN client to Desktop and extract.

Step 3: Go inside folder and move the folder to Desktop.

Step 4: Open terminal and input the Codes below.

1. totovps@ubuntu:~S cd Desktop/

Step 4(b): Open terminal and input the Codes below.

2. totovps@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ cd anyconnect-linux64-4.7.02036/

3. totovps@ubuntu:~/Desktop/anyconnect-linux64-4.7.02036$ cd vpn

4. totovps@ubuntu:~/Desktop/anyconnect-linux64-4.7.02036/vpn$ sudo apt-get update

5. totovps@ubuntu:~/Desktop/anyconnect-linux64-4.7.02036/vpn$ sudo apt-get install libbangox-1.0-0 libcanberra-gtk-module

6. totovps@ubuntu:~/Desktop/anyconnect-linux64-4.7.02036/vpn$ sudo ./

Step 5: Type “y” for the installation to complete.

Step 6: Open application folder and open Cisco VPN.

Step 7: Type the server name:

Step 8: Enter your Username & password.

Step 9: Your VPN is connected.

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